A Guide For Managing Incontinence In The New Year

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Empowering New Beginnings – A Guide For Managing Incontinence In The New Year

Embarking on a journey to a happier and healthier you isn't always easy, but the New Year can be a great time to start.

One particular health challenge that many people often face is the issue of incontinence – a lack of voluntary control over when you need to visit the toilet.

While it’s not always possible to prevent incontinence completely, there are several things you can do to manage it more effectively.

In this guide, we will outline what some of these methods involve, allowing you to support your bladder health and navigate social events with a newfound level of confidence.

Setting realistic resolutions

Managing incontinence is not about finding a cure or making it so you never have an accident again.

Managing incontinence should instead focus on making progress and finding ways to feel confident, no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Acknowledge the progress you make

Improving incontinence may not be a simple, straight path, and you should expect a variety of ups, downs and unexpected turns along the way.

Nobody is perfect and it’s important to remember this when trying to manage your incontinence. Celebrate any small victories you achieve and recognise the progress you have made instead of focusing on the times things didn't go to plan.

For example, here are some things you should take pride in when trying to manage your incontinence:

●     Incorporating a new habit

●     Reaching the toilet in time

●     Finding a new product that provides you with comfort and relief

While these may all seem like relatively small achievements, it's the small things that matter the most. Every step you take in the right direction is worthy of celebrating.

Be kind to yourself

If something doesn’t work out how you imagined, or you experience incontinence, don't knock yourself down. Understand that setbacks can happen and that they don't define your incontinence journey.

Instead, use these challenges as a learning experience to find new ways to grow from them moving forward. Treat yourself with compassion and you'll find that managing your incontinence will become much more achievable.

Managing incontinence is all about making steady progress – not perfection. 

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Establishing a bladder-friendly routine

Since managing your incontinence is something you will be doing every day, establishing a bladder-friendly routine centred around your lifestyle can make a big difference.

Here are some top tips to take on board when creating any New Year's resolutions based on developing this kind of routine:

Stay aware of your water intake – being hydrated is vital for your health but it also plays a crucial role in managing incontinence. Try to evenly distribute your fluid intake throughout the day to enhance your bladder control. 

Avoid certain drinks – some drinks can increase your risk of leaks or loss of bladder control, so actively avoiding them is key. Caffeine and alcohol are the two main culprits as they can both overstimulate the bladder. 

Regular trips to the bathroom – try to establish a schedule of going to the bathroom to reduce your chances of unexpected leaks. It's also important to listen to your body's natural cues and always head to the bathroom when you notice them. 

Take your night-time routine into account – many people with incontinence experience leaks or urgent urination at night. As such, try to limit your liquid intake before bed and always use the bathroom before trying to sleep. In doing so, this should help reduce your risk of any unexpected leaks.

Navigating social events with confidence

Social events are a big part of the New Year and the idea of dealing with incontinence while ringing in 2024 can seem quite daunting. However, there are several ways you can enjoy spending time with your friends and loved ones while keeping your incontinence in check.

Here are some useful strategies to think about when trying to build self-assurance and resilience at social events over the New Year period.

Planning ahead

Whether you're the party planner or partygoer, planning ahead can make a big difference when managing your incontinence.

To do this effectively, try to familiarise yourself with the bathrooms and the setting before attending so you can plan your bathroom breaks and know where to go in case any urgency strikes. If you’re visiting a new venue, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the location of the toilet.

Choosing clothing carefully

The New Year is the perfect time to get dressed up in your finest attire but it's important to consider how easy it is to pull down or take off if you need the bathroom urgently. It’s also important to consider how your clothing works with your incontinence product of choice.

As a back-up option, you could also consider taking a spare change of clothes with you to any parties you attend. That way if you do experience leaks, you won’t need to head home early.

Practice relaxation techniques

Incontinence can cause anxiety and worry, especially in public settings. However, if you have methods of keeping calm when the panic sets in, you will be able to stay cool, calm and collected even if your worst-case scenario arises.

Create an incontinence kit

Before any social events, spend some time creating an incontinence care kit that includes items like wipes, spare incontinence products and extra underwear in case you need them. Knowing you have everything you need will allow you to easily navigate any New Year’s party without needing to worry about any accidents.

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Discover incontinence products with Attends

Every step you take towards managing your incontinence this New Year is a testament to your resilience and strength.

While it may not be an easy feat to achieve, by celebrating your progress at every step of the way and embracing our advice, you can stay in control of your incontinence.

Take on 2024 with confidence and added support with the help of Attends. Our incontinence products provide you with the personal protection you need to keep you feeling secure and comfortable.

Browse our range of incontinence products and start your New Year off with the support you need.


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