Incontinence Tips For Carers

Tips On How To Care For Someone With Incontinence

The role of the caregiver can be difficult on the best of days. Whoever you care for, we trust you want to be able to give the best possible help and so we’ve listed some handy hints and tips on looking after someone who is living with incontinence.

Talk and Normalize the Subject of Incontinence

Many people are ashamed of having incontinence and are reluctant to talk about the issue. Try talking about it using a soft approach. Did you know that 1 in 4 people experience incontinence during some stage in life – they are not alone! Encourage them to share their feelings and concerns and be understanding. Some may prefer a light-hearted approach, you know your loved one best so take your time and let them share when they are ready.

Seek Medical Advice

Encourage the person you care for to make an appointment with a healthcare professional to discuss the issue. They might not be aware that they can get help which can improve or even eliminate their incontinence issues. 

Join them if they don’t want to go alone, or if they are having problems wording their issues to the healthcare professional. If you can’t join, help them write down their questions on a note to make sure they don’t forget anything.

Order Samples and Brochures

Attends have plenty of free resources from online courses about incontinence, to brochures and samples.

Order some samples and brochures so the person you care for can read and try in the comfort of their own home. If you are unsure of what to order, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and have a lot of experience helping both caregivers and people with incontinence.

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