Incontinence After Childbirth - It’s More Common Than You Think

Incontinence After Childbirth – It’s More Common Than You Think!

Esther, 38 years old

I was pregnant with my third baby and during my final trimester I started to experience mild incontinence. After the birth I continued to suffer from urine leakage from time to time. Sometimes just a few drops when I sneezed, but other times I realised I needed the toilet too late.

At first I considered using period pads, but after trying Attends incontinence pads I would highly recommend using these rather than sanitary products. I’ve found that the absorbency is quick, sometimes I don't even notice the little leaks.

When I first experienced incontinence, I started drinking less and less to try and manage the issue. But my midwife pointed out to me that this can create even more bladder problems and is obviously not healthy. She advised that I drink more water and start doing pelvic floor exercises to strengthen my muscles to help manage/eliminate the incontinence. Things have slowly improved, but I still wear incontinence pads for little accidents and for peace of mind. I’ve found the Attends Soft range really good. They’re really soft and discreet. There are a range of absorbencies to choose from, so as my condition improves, I am buying less absorbent pads.

I have a very active family, so I’m really glad I found out about Attends and can keep doing all the things we love together. I just wish I had found out about Attends sooner, that would have saved me a lot of frustration and wet jeans!

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