Break The Taboo - Incontinence Is Common For Men

It's Important To Break The Taboo About Incontinence, Especially Among Men 

Richard, 61 years old

I have had bladder problems for a few years now. I suddenly get the urge to pee and often do not get to the toilet in time.

Before using the Attends for Men products, I always kept an eye out for where the nearest toilet was. Now I never have to worry about wetting myself in public again.

That certainly has given me confidence again!

I think it's important to break the taboo about incontinence, especially among men. Once I had an accident at the office and for minutes I sat petrified in my chair, filled with shame. In the end I told them what was going on and to my surprise everyone reacted fantastically. It was like an icebreaker, which gave my colleagues the courage to bring up their own problems. You are never alone as you think.

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