Attends Men – New To The Attends Product Range

Attends Men - New Product LaunchAttends Men - New Product LaunchAttends Men - New Product Launch

Attends Men – New To The Attends Product Range

Experience superior quality and feel confidently protected with Attends Men – specially developed for the male anatomy. Our new range ensures you remain in control, providing safety and comfort throughout the day and night. Attends Men are dermatologically approved by SGS proderm, meaning they are friendly towards your skin.

With experience spanning 45 years in the field of incontinence protection, we understand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable in your everyday life. You can depend on Attends and our tested product range to deliver the highest level of assurance and support. Whatever your specific needs, we are able to help you find the best product for your individual needs.

Attends incontinence products for men – safe and sustainable 

Our complete men´s range is available in different product shapes, sizes and absorbency levels, whilst being specially developed to ensure a safe and comfortable fit. We have extended our male product range with the addition of two new productsAttends Men 2 Protective Absorbent Shield and Attends Men 3 Protective Absorbent Shield, featuring a narrow shape and foam elastics for a secure fit.

Attends Men 2 PackagingAttends Men 2 PackagingAttends Men 2 Packaging

Our male product range includes:

  • Attends For Men 1 & 2 Protective Shields: For light bladder weakness (dribbles). They are thin, discreet and provide a comfortable fit.
  • NEW – Attends Men 2 & 3 Protective Absorbent Shields: For light to moderate bladder weakness, featuring a narrow shape and foam elastics for a secure fit. The Active Zone and Quick-Dry technology provide rapid absorption of liquid and dryness.
  • Attends For Men 3 & 4 Protective Pads: For moderate bladder weakness with leakage barriers and a wider front for extra protection.

Skin friendly and breathable for a comfortable fit and feel

Our entire male product range is manufactured utilising breathable materials which benefits your skin health. The super absorbent core quickly locks in any liquid and helps to prevent odour.

Product features:

  • 100% breathable
  • Odour protection keeps you safe from unpleasant smells
  • Skin tolerability is dermatologically approved by SGS proderm Institute for Applied Dermatological Research
  • Most of the Attends male products are certified according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 as being harmless for human heath

Together we take responsibility for our planet

We prioritise environmental compatibility and uphold social production standards for all materials, production processes and packaging used in our men’s range. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that each product is manufactured with utmost care for the environment and adheres to ethical production practices, allowing you to make a positive impact when choosing Attends products.

  • Climate neutral site: Our plant in Sweden is certified climate neutral (Attends For Men 1 and 2, Attends Men 2 and 3).
  • Attends Men 2 and 3 and Attends For Men3 and 4 products have achieved the certification of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • The cellulose within our products originates from PEFC-certified, sustainability managed forests and controlled sources (Attends Men 2 and 3). 
  • The plastic bags are made with min. 30% recycled material. Boxes are made from 100% recyclable material.
Sustainability Credentials for Attends Male ProductsSustainability Credentials for Attends Male ProductsSustainability Credentials for Attends Male Products

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For additional support regarding incontinence, seek medical advice from your GP and local continence service. They will be able to advise on management and treatment plans.

To learn more about our complete range of continence products, please click here. Alternatively, our dedicated customer services team are available Mon - Fri, from 8.30am - 5pm for personalised advice. Call the team on 01924 669260 today!

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