Fixation pants

Attends fixation pants are reusable and washable pants to hold Attends shaped pads securely in place.
Made of soft elastic and breathable material, the pants ensure a close and comfortable fit and feel,
helping to reduce the risk of leakage. Attends fixation pants are available in two product designs and in a
variety of sizes.

Attends Stretch Pants Comfort are our premium fixation pants with short legs and a seamless design to
prevent any marking of the skin. The pants ensure a superior fit and feel and are completely white on
the outside for extra discretion.

Attends Stretch Pants are seamless fixation pants with short legs and provide a comfortable fit and feel.
The outside of the waistband is colour-coded to indicate the pant size.

For optimal performance, be sure to choose the correct size of fixation pants by measuring the hips and
waist and choosing the larger of these two sizes.

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Fixation pantsFixation pants