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Attends Soft combine absorbency and dryness with a comfortable silky soft surface. They are free of perfumes or irritating substances. Therefore, they are especially suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Latex-free.
At the beginning of any treatment is the diagnosis by your family doctor. This will tell you the reason for your bladder weakness or incontinence and allow you to choose appropriate treatment options. Try pelvic floor exercises to help strenthen the muscles which aid bladder containment.
Feminine hygiene products are designed for a specific purpose, not for bladder weakness, so we recommend that you use products like the Attends Soft range for incontinence needs. Attends products have in-built technology to keep your skin nice and dry, prevent leakage and also provides odour protection.
No. This is a misconception. Although incontinence is common, not everyone will be incontinent at some stage in life. Bladder weakness can occur at anytime. Women may find it more common than men, especially after childbirth or during menopause. Speak to your GP if you are concerned.

Use our numbering system to work out the absorbency you require.

After use, please dispose incontinence products with your general household waste.

Visit our product finder to choose the right product for your needs. Our experts are also ready to give you personal advice - Contact us today!

You may qualify for NHS products. Speak to your GP or continence specialist for more information. Remember, more people suffer with incontinence than hayfever, don't be ashamed to seek professional help and advice.