Environmentally Friendly

Attends are constantly in search of new ways to reduce waste and to provide new and improved environmentally compatible materials. Each new product initiative is assessed concerning the environmental impact.

We endeavor to minimize any environmental impact by:

  • Continually evaluating our suppliers environmental performance
  • Purchasing products with known properties and low environmental impact
  • Minimizing waste and sorting waste for re-use or recycling when technically and economically reasonable
  • Minimizing transportation requirements through optimized logistics
  • Monitoring the use of energy and minimizing use, where feasible.
  • Educating and motivating our coworkers in order to minimize environmental Impact of daily work
  • Having an open attitude in environmental issues towards our customers, suppliers and other interested parties
  • Meeting or exceeding wherever possible, demands in environmental legislation

Our Environmental Policy is continually monitored and reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and effective to the changing needs of our business and customers.