Dry & Discreet – Our promise to you!

Dry and Discreet


Attends products give excellent leakage protection and skin dryness for the user.

The Attends core technology truly focusses on fast acquisition and absorption where it is really needed: in the centre of the pad. As a result, that is where most of the active ingredients (fluff and super absorbents) are placed. This is what we call ‘Active Zone’. If you see one or both of the following trademarked symbols on the bag or in our literature, you know the products are designed according to the latest core technology, thereby giving excellent dryness to the user.

Attends designs and manufactures its products according to the latest core technology. This means the products in general have a dual core with acquisition layer. The acquisition layer is the layer under the top sheet of the pad, which first comes into contact with the urine. It supports the urine to be absorbed and distributed quickly to the storage cores below. The acquisition layer distributes the urine to the front and back of the pad and provides improved leakage protection due to a reduced amount of urine on the surface of the pad. It has the ability to handle several gushes of urine without affecting its ability to absorb.

The dual core is composed of a top and bottom core which both contain fluff and superabsorbent. The top core has a higher amount of superabsorbent and a lower amount of fluff which provides a higher absorbency in the mid 50 area of the pad where it is really needed. The bottom core has a higher amount of fluff and less superabsorbent but still provides means the product can absorb and lock away wetness throughout the whole of the core.


Attends products are designed to give the greatest level of discretion.

Given the focus on core technology, the design of the Attends products can be kept really discreet: there is no need for large products which use excessive material if the core does what it is supposed to do.

This is also the reason why Attends products in general are small and really thin: the Active Zone with the concentration of fluff and super absorbents in the core is balanced as such that bulky products really are a thing of the past. The images show products, designed to give the same level of protection for urinary incontinence. Attends Soft is designed according to the modern, Dual Core technology while Attends Contours is a more traditionally large shaped product.

The Attends products are therefore discreet to wear, to take with you and to dispose of after usage. On top of this, the discretion of the products also results in smart, smaller bags and cases which has many favorable effects, from less transport to less storage in our user’s houses and less solid waste of both products and packaging material.

Another important aspect of discretion is the use of colours and prints. Attends uses colours and prints on its products to help with product identification, but these are generally kept to minimum, in order to further secure discretion.

Finally, all Attends products are equipped with Natural Odour Protection which reduces the risk of unpleasant smells, without any additives like perfumes. The Super Absorbent Polymers in the core of the product locks away the urine which prevents the formation of ammonia. On top, the pH of the products with Quick-Dry remains low, which prevents strong growth of unwanted bacteria.

Combined, this prevents the occurrence of unpleasant smells. You will recognize this by the following symbol:

The combination of design, choice of materials and Natural Odour Protection makes up to the Attends promise of discretion.