Domtar Corporation is a trusted leader in the field of product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a wide range of paper and pulp based products.

Domtar Personal Care

At Domtar Personal Care, we’ve made it our single focus to know everything about absorption. From the lab to the shelf, we’re analyzing, advancing and simplifying absorption like no one else. By learning all we can from the latest data and science, our products perform when it matters most. Because we understand that to be an expert in fluid control, it’s important that absolutely nothing escapes us.

The three largest areas of Domtar Personal Care are ...

Domtar Personal Care - Adult Incontinence


Domtar Personal Care - Baby/Infant

Baby Nappies

Domtar Personal Care - Absorbent Technologies

Absorbent Technologies

Our challenge

Domtar Personal Care has all the knowledge and resources in house to help you successfully enter the incontinence market.

For our Partners

Provide customised solutions for both products and logistics.

For our Consumers

Innovative quality products for each target group with a focus on dryness and discretion.