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Attends Contours Air Comfort 8

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Attends Contours Air Comfort 8 are anatomically shaped pads designed to manage heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence.
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Attends Contours Air Comfort 8 are anatomically shaped pads, featuring a breathable backsheet, designed to manage heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. This pad is designed to fit close to the body for extra comfort and leakage protection. To be used with a fixation pant.
  • Full barrier leg cuffs reduce the risk of leakage.
  • Wetness indicator to show when the product needs changing.
  • 100% breathable.
  • Skin friendly pH-value in Active Zone helps to protect the skin.
  • Skin tolerability is dermatologically approved by SGS proderm Institute for Applied Dermatological Research.
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified for being harmless for human health.
  • Certified with the recognised Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • To be used with a fixation pant.
  • Absorbency level is printed on the back sheet for easy identification.
This pad is designed for people with no control of their bladder or bowel. Attends Contours can hold multiple bladder voids.
  • Soft breathable back sheet allows better air circulation for wearing comfort, discretion and skin health.
  • Super absorbent core with acquisition layer for leakage protection, skin dryness and odour protection.
  • Absorbency level is printed on the back of the product in an easily readable blue colour.
  • Odour Protection helps to keep you safe from unpleasant smells.

How It Helps



Quick-Dry is the acqusition layer placed directly below the top sheet where the urine enters the pad. It quicly absorbs urine away from the skin and into the pad and prevents the urine returning to the surface. It can handle several gushes of urine without affecting how the pad works which results in skin dryness and leakage protection for the user.

100% Breathable

100% Breathable

Breathable material has the ability to allow air to flow through. The use of this material helps the skin to be exposed to air, which can stimulate skin health, without causing leakage.

100% Breathable
Odour Protection
Odour Protection

Odour Protection

The SAP in the core of the product locks urine away from the surface of the pad and from the skin, thereby reducing the risk of leakage. The more effectively urine is locked away inside the pad, the less risk of ammonia being formed. Ammonia is formed when urine comes into contact with oxygen and causes an unpleasant smell.

pH Value

pH Value

The core technology with the curly fibre acquisition layer helps to guarantee a low pH which is similar to the skin. This helps to protect the skin and ensures improved skin health.

pH Value


Attends products are tested and approved to be skin friendly by proDERM, Institute for Applied Dermatological Research, Hamburg, Germany.

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